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Saturday, June 19, 2004
Emails from the edge...
I'm looking through my emails this morning and decide to sort them out. My thinking is that this will help me keep track of what I need to do. All in all it depressed me. So many emails and so little response on the part of me. I'm not entertaining the thought of a mass 'I suck' email. I'm hoping that all the ones I haven't even looked at in a month have forgotten about me. Why am I obsessing over this? I'm not sure. Could be that at one point in my life (prior to writing) I was extremely organized. I think, but I'm not sure, that my muse ran away with my organizational skills when she took my sex drive. LOL!

If anyone should she her please smack her and then grab my good points back. I miss them!

Oh, I set aside the Italian gods thing for a bit. It seems another project has started whispering in my ear. It involves a young woman, who just obtained her teaching degree. Needless to say she is beside herself when she offered the opportunity of lifetime to interview at Leviathan academy. She arrives thinking she's in the running for the new art teacher only to find that Jonas Leviathan, headmaster, has already given her a job. Allison will be heading up the wortcunning * practical sorcery departments for the school. She's shocked to say the least. Magik wasn't something she ever talked about. It was a part of her past that she keep hidden. Raised by her grandmother, a practicing witch, Allison thought her tales the talk of a crazy old women. She listened with half an ear when her grandmother tried to teach her the power that herbs and nature holds.

Now, a teacher in a school for supernatural children, Allison finds herself dropped into a world she did not existed and caught in a bitter love triangle.

Whew, that was mouthful! Yeah, this one seemed to be poking at me for a bit now. Michelle was the deciding factor on starting it. She told me to take some of my college experience/high school fun days and create a series with them.

This seemed to fit well so I ran with it.

I'm done rambling for the moment and that's good considering my youngest is now beating the tar out of the oldest.

Duty calls!

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