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Sunday, January 01, 2006
2006 Coming Titles and News

I’m so behind on doing a newsletter that I’m almost ashamed to admit I have one. I’d had lots of questions emailed to me and I fell behind on answering them. I suck. I know. Yell and throw things as soon as I finish this up or I’ll get sidetracked and never send it. J

Many, many, many, many (yeah, a lot) of people have emailed asking about the status of books in series I have. Daughter of Darkness (The Gwyneth Stevens Series) seems to be the one asked most about. I can tell you that book III Bella Mia is done and has been done for almost two years. I did run into a slight ‘glitch.’ I added 20k to book II and kicked my own arse by doing so. The story no longer flowed into book III evenly. Guess who gets to fix that…you’re truly. AKA the idiot who screwed it up to start with. I’m hoping to have it iron out relatively quickly and post updates on my blog as it moved further along. I am excited to report that The Enchantress (book II) is now in print. I really had fun writing that one. I guess you could already tell by the fact I added 20k more to it than had first been there. LOL. I did add more character descriptions on my web. I think they’re more so I don’t forget. LOL.

Immortal Ops is second contender in the ‘when the heck is the next book coming out’ category. I am working on IO3 as you read this. It’s Green and Melanie’s story. They definitely are challenging to keep in the mold of IO books but I’m fairly sure I’m up for it. Do me a favor, if I whiff and don’t pull it off, lie and tell me I did. Just kidding. I’m currently at around 45k and think the story will fall in line with the length of book II. Critical Intelligence will be out in print this Feb! I’m VERY excited about it!

Next up, Wicked Lucidity. The response to this one took me by surprise. I wasn’t sure how many people would get into it but can definitely say I’m very, very, very pleased. Writing Karri-Lynn was a treat. The entire time I was pounding on the keyboard I kept thinking about how no one would want to publish a book about someone with her past and her instability. NCP proved me wrong and I can’t thank them enough. There are more books outlined in the series, though they will not follow from Karri’s perspective. They have a different female led, are still first person and still have the same characters. It just allows everyone to see them from new angles. I’m bouncing between books in the Wicked series. I’m not sure half the time if I want to be writing Eric and Amber or Tripp’s book. I know. I know—pick one and decide. I’m trying but I love them all!

Misfits in Middle America---umm, I blame Michelle for spearheading the outcry for book II and am planning on paying her back by demanding she write Rick’s book for her Tribes series.

Project Exorcism—I promise to have several more installments of this out this year as well. With seven Janelle siblings, I have plenty to write about and that’s not even including Christian or Pheebes.

Last Call—geesh, I tried the ‘hide and pretend no one liked it’ approach. That didn’t work. Susie emails weekly to remind me that I promised to have the second book out in this by spring of this year. LOL. I can set my watch by her and love it. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

Vampyre Productions—The Valkyrie will at the very least have another book out this year. It may also wrap up. Have no fear, I have two other series planned within the Vampyre Productions line. I think everyone will enjoy them. At least, I hope they will.

The King’s Choice—I don’t want anyone to fall over from shock but book two is darn near done. It’s working title is The Advisor’s Apprentice and follows Andrija (Jakov’s brother).

Cyber Sex—Book two, Denial of Service was submitted to NCP. I now await news if they want it or not. J It’s Jonas’ story.

A new series Warriors of Darkness will be coming to NCP this year and I can’t wait for it to come out. Its release date is March and it’s part of NCP’s Harmony ™ Line. It will be released in ebook and print the same day. The Harmony ™ Line is featured in Romantic Times BookClub magazine this month. They’ve even got a bit about Warriors of Darkness in there as well! Very kewl!

Loup Garou released with Samhain Publishing, in about two days. It’s been a joy to work with them.

SOLO TU ~ Paranormal/Shapeshifter~ is coming to Ellora's Cave, January 25, 2006!

Stop Dragon My Heart Around: Paranormal Romantica co-written with Michelle M. Pillow (Tipping the Scales by Mandy M. Roth)

Pisces Phenomenon: Paranormal Romantica—coming in March to Ellora’s Cave.

For more info on projects coming soon please visit

All and all, 2006 will be packed with releases of some sort for me and I’m very excited about it. I’ve also been taking some time to update my website little by little. I think I’m done talking your ears off. Thanks for being supportive in all that I do. You guys are the BEST!

Mandy (who is sooooo NOT proofing this…LOL)


WARNING: Lab Vampires were hurt in the making of this sig.

Vampires, Werewolves, & Faeries...Oh my!

Mandy M. Roth

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