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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Alone at last... oh joy
When you need a speedwalker around there's never one there. I'm talking on the phone to my hubby and hear the doorbell ring. I tell him that I'll call him back because I'm putting the nekkie child from the previous post down for a nap. I head downstairs and find my five year looking at the TV saying "I do NOT know what dat is". This is good that he didn't open the door because just last week he was still opening it for anyone and their brother.

I head to the door, look out and find a man standing there. He introduces himsels as Lee the carpet something or other. Anyway, he shows me an ID. Truthfully, he flashed it so damn fast that it could have been anything. I don't bother to smile, I'm not a nice person. He launches into his carpet cleaning pitch and I offer to save him time because we have next to NO carpet in our house. He then leans in, and takes a step into my home to look around at it. I backup just a bit before I realize that this is MY house. I then give the evil eye and walked towards the door. Trust me when I say that budging a bitching me isn't easy.

He asks about what my husbands does, about what I do. I'm nice enough to tell him. Most people assume that I'm a freak when they hear about what I write about and they are all on the mark.

I start looking around for signs of the famous speedwalkers and get nothing. Great, just when it would be nice to have another human near who is not under three feet tall there isn't one.

I then start to think about the laws and what you can and cannot do if someone should happen to attack you within your home. This brings a smile to my face. Am I sick, perhaps. Did the poor man selling carpet cleaning services deserve me running these scenarios through my head... maybe, propbably not.


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