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Monday, January 23, 2006
Insomnia sucks...

Insomnia sucks, especially when you can’t concentrate long enough to get anything of value done. Staring at the compute was getting me nowhere fast. Although, I did read countless blogs and feel as though I know the majority of the world now. I also managed to get through my inbox (aka THE BLACK HOLE). I even filed all my hand written notes away after logging them into the computer. You might be asking yourself (more likely you’re thinking wtf do I care..oh, right, I don’t) if I got any writing done. Nope. Everything I opened, I ended up staring at but not adding a single word to. Seeing that I was going nowhere fast, I gave up and went down to the family room to watch TV. I’m not a huge watcher of TV (oh, lookie, I’m making up new terms for things) so I don’t really know what’s on late at night. I now know why—cuz NOTHING but infomercials are on then. Those things are convincing too. I entertained calling several times but realized I didn’t care if I could increase my bust size by concentrating or look like Conan in just 8 short weeks. The next thing I know, I’m waking up half on the couch, half off with a massive headache. I feel cheated. I didn’t get the awesome “I danced on a table nekkie after ten drinks” stories to pass around the next day. I got—the thought of better abs.
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