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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Wicked Lucidity PRINT ISBN 1-58608-785-1


When Karri-Lynn O’Higgins is offered a small slice of normalcy, she goes for it. She wasn’t looking for a relationship and she sure as hell wasn’t looking to fall in love.

Something about Riston Wallace calls to her on a level Karri can’t deny. He’s everything she wants in a man expect for one thing--he’s a nice guy. What happened to her wish list? Tall, dark and deadly? He got the tall and dark part right.

She soon learns that there’s more to Riston than meets the eye. Much more. In a world where sanity is as relative as what defines evil, Karri finds herself being forced to come to terms with her past and her future.


5 Angels--Recommended Read Award- Mandy M. Roth provides readers with a well thought out story, portraying two unique characters in the midst of many genuine friends and with enough twists and turns all along the way. Readers will be held as captive with the story as Riston and Karri are with each other. Readers will be unable to move from their seats until the story unfolds completely. Riston is a strong man who fights for what is his, yet he is patient and tender when he needs to be. Karri is a head strong woman, too engrossed in her world of good and evil to see what is really in front of her. The passionate chemistry between the two will leave readers breathless from the sheer force and tenderness of it. The dangerous moments of the underworld will draw the reader even deeper into this story. Will Riston and Karri be able to save each other in the midst of heartbeat and love?

Wicked Lucidity has a well written plot that instantly captured my interest because of the elements of danger immediately following by humor and heartbeat. The wonderful characters of Riston and Karri have hearts bigger than either one realizes and enough stubbornness to drive them crazy. A sweet addition of the niece, Hilary, leaves readers doubled over with side splitting humor. Wicked Lucidity offers readers a rewarding paranormal with a touching love story. Mandy M. Roth has done an absolutely wonderful job earning 5 Angels and a Recommended Read! ---Fallen Angels Reviews--Reviewed by: Jessica

4.5 hearts~ No one does dark urban fantasy like Mandy Roth and this is the best thing I have read since Daughter of Darkness. Her characters are flawed, but very sympathetic and vivid. The reader will have no problem picturing and hearing every one of them. The alternate reality is very well drawn and scary. The plot is very involving and full of action. There is also an excellent love story with very explicit(hot) sex scenes. It is very difficult to put down and if I didn't have to get Some sleep, I would have read it all in one sitting. Great story. ~ Maura Frankman~The Romance Studio

4 Stars~ Wicked Lucidity is an emotionally intense, sensual, paranormal romance. Karri is a smart mouth, strong willed, intelligent and independent heroine who kicks ass. She is known as the Dark Angel with special powers that work for the good which the evil want to acquire. Riston is a very mysterious, perceptive, sensitive and gentle hero who just oozes in sexuality. The chemistry between them is down right hot. The sexual bantering just whets my appetite into a frenzy. At 219 pages, Ms. Roth provides for a full character development which presents a thorough description of each and every one of them. Even though Karri and Riston are the main characters, the secondary characters are not just occupying the background; they are in the midst of unraveling this adventure. My favorite characters have got to be Karri’s men. They provide the comical relief to this passionate story. The plot incorporates good versus evil, a labyrinth of mixed emotions, witty and humorous come backs and a heavy dose of the paranormal. I really enjoyed the meticulous details Ms. Roth supplies; from the atmosphere, to the inner workings of each character and a highly entertaining plot that unfolds quite nicely.~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews~ Tallyn Porter

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Vampires, Werewolves, & Faeries...Oh my!

Mandy M. Roth

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