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Saturday, February 04, 2006
I look lil game
Google the phrase "(Your name) looks like" and find the best one from the first page of results. Don't forget to put it in quotes, otherwise it won't work. Add yours to the bottom of the list and repost this.

1. "Jason looks like total crap." -- thanks google, thanks.

2. "PJ looks like he'd be down to whoop some ass anytime"-- i think that google is scared of me.

3. Cory looks like a young Vince Neil (of Motley Crue) and sure knows how to play a stoner. --alright...

4. "daniel miller is here in london until tuesday, so i have to blog for two, in LA in the 80s. she looks like margaret thatcher." -- Um... well I use to look like a girl, I think

5.Ryan looks like he is fighting off a case of downs syndrome. ha ha very funny!!!! it is not good when that is the first thing comes up.

6.shae looks like a porn star or civic headlights. kind of the same thing in a way when you think about it.

7. This is as close as I could get...I guess my name doesn't really work..." completely lost my chest and now I look like a man. ... grants wishes to HUMBLE hearts That's what Father Marchelle's Say's."

8. Sara looks like an "East German swimmer"

9. emelle looks likestumphunter guest book...yeah

10. Katie looks like recycled cat food... dear lord. I think I'll take those pills now.

11.Leeann looks like shes gonna hurl At This point! ~actually i do feel kind of sick

12. Jamie looks like the love child of Charlie Sheen and Kevin Federline. ~Oh, so true, I am freakin' gorgeous!

13. Monae looks like the hottest girl alive... ok, so google doesnt have my name in there, but thats what it SHOULD say!

14. Sarah looks like someone punched her in the mouth - dang it, everyone thinks I am ugly... I hate my life!!!

15. Nicole looks like your grandma!!-- hope yer grandmas hot!

16. ben looks like he actually knows what he's doing-well its true and that the worst part about it

17.lauren looks like she gained weight-sadness

18. Alex looks like the type of girl who would take you out into the forest and feed you mushrooms and then leave you to fend for yourself...- im not kidding, this is what i

19. Lee looks like an old man trying to dress young again---wow, i'm not THAT

20. Donny'e~ damn nobody else has my gosh darn name...!!!!

21.Mitchell looks like the face of a suicide bomber getting ready to go out on a mission - his final mission

22.Kristina looks like the Dalai Lama.

23. Kellie looks like a coked out old bag who is trying to be 14 but she's more like 30. - Wow. Dead serious, this is what came up.

24. Brittany looks like a great pet rabbit, those ears are really unique......this is so wierd cause i have uniquely small ears and people tell me that all the time!! lol.

25.Summer looks like sparkling blue water in the YMCA pool.......This is the best I got.

26. Tabitha looks "like a nurse, a scary nurse .... hehe thats what i am going to school for.

27. Lisa looks like my ass hole..... YOU SUCK google!!! lol :)

28. Natalie- "The doll looks like she has emerged from an all-night Hollywood party and was caught in some lurid National Enquirer Photo without her makeup or sunglasses."

29. Reverand Ryan - "Ryan looks like every woman's sexual desire somehow compressed into human form. Ryan looks like he would do himself he is so hot." Which is pretty much true so...

30. "Derek looks like he has a huge dick that he cant contain in his pants... wow i must be pretty lucky, but true lol

31. StEpHaNiE- hahaha!! Mine is GREAT- I won't mention the fact that Stephanie looks like she's been rode hard and put away wet.

32. Allison- "Allison looks like shes skiing in slow motion when
shes fast and shes been searching for that feeling" ha, what?!

33. Nathan looks like a young Ted Kennedy without the bridge phobia.

34. Matt looks like some He-man. How true how true.

35. "Jackie looks like she could walk all over them with no problem at all" Wow, Google must really know me. (j/k)

36. "Emily looks like trouble and remains a dangerous storm"

37. "Jordan looks like a troll...........I don't like him" nice

38. "Cortney looks like a beauty queen"

39. "Kevin looks like he's going to snap his bat in half"

40. "Kelly looks like a cross between Elvira and a saloon girl from the 1800's"

41. "Genny looks like rubbish beside that T-Naiija girl in terms of popularity, music AND looks it's not even funny." To all that dont know who T-Naiija is she is a singer, so basically google thinks I suck!! Nice Google

42. "Jeremy looks like a sick toad" Thanks a lot..haha

43. "Baby, Cori looks like she wants to get down!" It's funny cus it's true!! :)

44."Abbey looks like the girl next door that u wanna screw."

45. "Amanda looks like something from poltergeist." Nice.. I did get pretty wasted last night

46. "Casey looks like a porn star at prom." Yeah, not sure what to say about that... haha.

47. "Shaun looks like a guy you wouldn't want to fuck with to begin with." and "Shaun looks like crap and like he hasnt slept in 2 weeks!" -- So I broke the rules and took two... what you gonna do about it? That's right. You're just gonna sit there and suck. Yeah.

48. "Myah looks like she was made for other things." hmmmm

49. "And, true to form, Leila looks like she might be considering punching someone."

50. "I dont think Jessica looks like Brit at all!! She look more like Faith Hill & Elle McPherson." Haha. You should see what pops up if you put "Jessica Rose".......

51. ok, so there were some real winners for "alissa looks like" (including a course of beef), i think this is the creepiest though: "alissa looks like Buffy the vampire slayer and maybe the other girl is a vampire
chick or something and they need to fool around with enchanted dildos" - i feel violated and emotionally scarred after reading this. is there some sort of tort action here maybe???

52. "Leslie looks like a desireable heroine" - hey, that works for me! :-)

53. "Lindsay looks like a coke whore"--which is 100% true

54. little wing..."Kristen looks like she's covered in green and brown poop." -mmmmm yummmaaayy

55. Stephen - "Steve looks like something half human, half plastic action figure, which I like to call a 'mandroid'. His pec implants look like small breasts and give him a tranny like look." This is too goood not to post, ha ha.

56. Elizabeth - "Elizabeth looks like a donut because she has been around for so long and is coated in sugar as a means of self-preservation." ....ha! :)

57. Sara-"Sara looks like her daddy, blond and has big blue green eyes." dad looks like he's mexican lol, but im blonde with blue green eyes!!!

58. Katie-Jane: "Katie-Jane looks like a werewolf caught in trees."

59. Becca: "Becca looks like a red Incredible Hulk."

60. Tiffany: "Tiffany looks like a toasted Miss Piggy on crack."

61. Rachael: Rachael looks like a homeless baby

62. Moose: Moose looks like a cool cat

63. Dani looks like a stupid asshole in the move

Dani looks like this in see-through lingerie

64. Daniel looks like he has to pee. Really badly.

65. Ashly looks like an amazing, fun teacher.

66. lauren looks like she's flipping me off

67. Kaelin looks like she needs a hug.. lol that made me laugh.

68. At least Jennifer looks like a woman and her breasts are real.

69...haha 69..anyways... " your hair looks good, meggie poo" aww thanks google!

70. "You look like you're Caryl. That sounds great, like you're moving in the right direction!" and "It looks like you would have to be a "little person" to get with Caryl!" grr. my name didnt work like everyone elses. =[

71.Thanks Greg, looks like you were doing it at work

72."josh looks like billie joe armstrong from green day"-josh whooo

73. Mariah looks like a bull with long hair. - gee..thanks

74. Gaby: Gabrielle looks like Pamela Anderson.

75. Bri: Briana looks like it came out of a ragbag. -wtf

76>Tori looks like A sweet southern sorority
Girl turned loose in A frat house.-ah ha ha ha ha.

78. Lindsey looks like a skeleton with blonde hair... (Damn you Lindsay Lohan!)

79. Johnny looks like a cartoon gangster

80. Carly looks like she will be a bitch judging from that picture. hahaha awesome!

81. Leva looks like a girl with a beard. - Go figure!

82 Jonathan looks like a man who has killed 12 people

83. Murray looks like many moms who push strollers around the zoo.

84. Kelly looks like a cross between Elvira and a saloon girl from the 1800's

85. Meghan looks like a flower

86. Angela looks like she might be hot!

87.but that Megan looks like a fiesty one! I wouldn't mess with her!! ...

88. " Bree looks like Ashlee Simpson, with her new hair do

89. "justin looks like the unibomber"---THE FUKIN UNIBOMBER, MAN!!!!! FUCK YES!

90. "Kelly looks like she has a penis".... that sooo not even cool! lol

91. "Natosha is looking adorable like always!" WELL THANKS!!

92. ;) sarah does look like lady (WTF.......Haha. That's good to know)

93. Larisa looks like she's in her late twenties, my daughter accused me of robbing the cradle.

94. Stephanie looks like a natural on her first climb ever.

95. Dave looks like an out of control eight year old.

96. Miriah looks like one of those twins in The Shining

97. Leah looks like that Muppet, you know, that Hippie Muppet?

98. Kyle looks like Bender from the Beakfast Club - Yes! In your face Lance!

99. Elizabeth looks like she wants to fall through any opening in the floor she can find, even if it sends her to the circle of HELL!!!!

100. "Megan looks like she's full of fun and love." - ha ha, i'd like to think so ;-)

101. "Aww, Clint looks like an innocent wittle bunny wabibitt caught in the headlights." - I don't know what this means but its pretty funny!

102. "janet looks like shes
about to do something very naughty with the sparkler lol" (hahahahahaha)

103. "Heather looks like a drag queen Michael Jackson impersonator.

104. "rachel looks like fluffy pink cupcakes"- niiiice

105. "Alexis looks like Ciara." LOL what the crap!

106. "Kendra looks like FLAVOR FLAV!" lmao what the hell?

107. "Jessica looks like a tranny" Uhhhh.... do I?

108. "mandy looks like a stripper in this one"
posted by mandymroth @ 8:58 AM  
  • At 10:00 AM, Blogger Sherrill Quinn said…

    Sherrill looks like a keeper.


  • At 10:41 AM, Blogger Michelle Pillow said…

    Michelle looks like she's about to slap a bitch DOWN.

  • At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Ally Blue said…

    Ally looks like a moose, but a very cute moose.

    Must be the antlers...

  • At 11:21 AM, Anonymous allison aka moira said…

    "Allison looks like a younger Stockard Channing. ... Allison
    looks like Stockard Channing and Lindsay Lohan collided and spawned. ..." Had to get in on this ... WTH? Is that good or bad?

  • At 12:07 PM, Blogger Kris said…

    Kristen looks like a big PHAT slut.

    It didn't have anything with the shortened name I go by, so I used my full name.

  • At 12:08 PM, Blogger Cindy said…

    "Cindy looks like she's plotting something."

    Who? Moi? Hehe

  • At 12:52 PM, Anonymous Erin the Innocent said…

    The first 2 links that came up when I googled my name were "Erin looks like she's under water .. no?"


    "Erin looks like a hot Velma" LOL

  • At 1:35 PM, Blogger Marguerite Arotin said…

    Marguerite looks like a motor cruiser.
    Clicked on the link outa curiosity and it linked to Gulf Star Motor Cruise Yacht. Okay I know my hips are getting big but I don't think they are the size of a yacht yet

  • At 11:18 PM, Blogger Shannon Stacey said…

    OMG. All of these were on the first page of "Shannon looks like":

    Shannon looks like she is in a ice skateing outfit ...

    shannon looks like a fuckin monkey's ass! she is not hot at all

    I swear Shannon looks like a dear in the headlights,

    Shannon looks like a horse.

    Shannon looks like an easy date on a Saturday night.


  • At 6:56 PM, Blogger Kathy said…

    "Kathleen looks like an unkempt aged vagabond who tramps the roads carrying all her wordly possessions in a grubby tapestry bag." Geez, that's so sweet!


    "Kathy looks like she's got a naughty plan brewing."
    How well they know me. :)

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