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Sunday, November 12, 2006
What's Going On...


Yesterday’s signing went well. I was surprised to see how many people in the area were already fans of my books. I met one couple who are currently expecting a child and the husband was quick to point and blame part of it on me. It’s something I’ll gladly accept though I think I should be the baby’s godmother. Seems only fair.

I was also able to introduce myself to some who hadn’t heard of me or my books before. It was great to have a chance to speak with them, learn their likes and dislikes.

Home front….

All and all, the signing went well.

We’re currently trying to put our house back together again after doing the great big purging of ’06. Goodwill is now stocked for the season thanks to the Roth house and the trash people are one rolling dumpster heavier. The carpet men came and once they were gone we began moving me into the office. I can’t tell you how nice it is not to be on display when people walk in my front door. It’s a little hard to get used to now though. I sort of got in the habit of writing while ducking flying nerf footballs and screaming kids. Its very quiet down here. Plus, I keep stopping what I’m doing to go make sure everything is fine with the kids. Keep in mind, hubby is home today helping with them but since I have no visual of what’s going on, I assume everything is juggling knives and swallowing fire.

There is still SO much to be done around the house. I just decided to take the morning off from it all and get to it later. Besides, I kind of like the desktop computer sitting on the cent of the dining room table. Maybe I should hook it up, google pics of candlelight and have a romantic dinner with hubby there. Bet he’d sit in one place long enough to digest food then. Oh, and I could IM so all would be well.

Writing front…

News on the writing front is sketchy at best. I’ve been busy with the house and the news we might need to move. That being said, I have decided now is as good a time as any to bite the bullet and begin seeking an agent. I’ve got my fingers crossed on one in particular but I’ll keep that tidbit to myself for the time being. Call me superstitious. LOL

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