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Sunday, October 17, 2004
Dancin’ with myself…

It’s disco time here at the Roth house. My youngest two are Kung Fu Fighting while my oldest is doing his best to find some sort of rhythm. Sad thing is, I’ve met his father…it ain’t happening!

They’ve graduated to using my kitchen utensils as microphones. To hell with the actual microphones ‘Santa’ brought last year. Why would we play with a system that cost that much when we could use mom’s mixing spoons for free? They also dub as a sword should the need hit you to become a Jedi Knight.

Well, I’m off now to get a bit of writing done. Immortal Ops 2 and I have been having a bit of a disagreement. I’m planning on borrowing my spoons back and dealing with it if IO-2 doesn’t knock it off! LOL!

Will blog again soon! Thanks for being for patient with me during a very hard time for our family! I guess it's time to tell my husband that he can take the earplugs out. The 70's disco is coming to an end. :)

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