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Friday, December 17, 2004
Thongs, songs and hard drive issues...


What do you do when you hard drive crashes and you lose an assload of information? Drink heavily. That’s right folks! LOL!

Now that I’m back up and running I’m thinking of having it crash again. At least then I wouldn’t have to stare at the pile of stuff I need to get done. When I get stressed I take one of two paths—the bitchy everyone must die one and the lets sing show tunes and put our middle fingers up at the world. Both odd but entirely me. Now, that I’m done plotting society’s demise, I’m moving into show tune area. The theme song to Great American Hero won’t seem to leave my head. Uhh, let’s not dwell on that.

It just hit me that Christmas is like a week away. I’m wondering if my kids will mind me making them wrap their own stuff. Seems only fair. Then again, they’d only tape each other to wall right after they throw scissors at one another. Hmm, the idea is sounding better and better. Hey…why are you all looking at me like that? Geesh, like I’d let them tape themselves to the way. LOL!

Oh, I went thong shopping for Michelle. And for all you peeps who keep thinking we’re the same person I’ll have you know that her ass is an entire size smaller than mine. I would want to be her but she’s blonde. I’ll have to pass. Plus, she has an affinity for pajama bottoms and that just creeps me out.

Thong shopping for her was both fun and challenging. If we don’t hear from her again it’s because she’s accidentally tied herself up with the strings on one of them. I so should have sent her an instruction manual.

Speaking of thongs…

At one point in my life, I thoroughly believed a thong was the equivalent of an all day wedgie. Now, I get it. I could wear a thong and have a string up my ass or wear granny undies and have a lot more material to try to pick out later in the day. Hmm, I’m going with the string. Plus, they take up less room in the washing machine. I’m also less embarrassed by the notion of dieing in a car crash and the paramedics seeing my underwear in a thong. Why you ask? (Hey, if you did ask that then you really don’t know me.)

Book update…

I think that THE ENCHANTRESS (DOD2) is coming out this week or next. Sorry for the hold up. I added 20k more to it so I’m hoping that makes up for it. And all of you hardcore fans better get your typing fingers ready to send me angry email after your done. Then again, you may like the twist the series takes as much as me. Don’t worry, the series takes MANY plot turns. *big evil grin*

Ouch! Who threw that at me? LOL!

Immortal Ops 2 ran into a bit of a delay. Namely my computer ate it but hey, what can you really do about it? That’s right--I forgot my own rule…drink heavily. Roi and Missy fans should be pleased. These two are just as likely to beat the crap out of each other as they are to get nekkie. Just the type of man every girl thinks they want. LOL. Sit back and picture me with a smartass, playboy who believes he’s God’s gift to the female population. HEY! Stop picturing me as a man! I can’t help I have those traits. Having a male mentality is very liberating. Plus, its fun at parties when I can explain why men do stupid things.

CYBER SEX, was just released. Wow, is this one different than my normal dark, ass kickin’ work! I had a ton of fun letting go and have many more planned in the series. They’re therapeutic and about as happy go lucky as I get.

GYPSY NIGTS was released right before that but I was in the middle of my computer disaster so I couldn’t get on here and comment. Sebastian was my first attempt at a French vampire. Normally, I stick with Italian because I absolutely love men with dark hair, dark eyes and accents. Plus, I’m familiar with the language, culture and so on. French was “Greek” to me. I had fun with it and then made Jean-Pierre in All Hollow’s Eve French as well. I’ve got my eyes on Scottish vamps now. Kerr was too much fun. Yeah, when you fall asleep and have a dream about doing one of your own character you realize you are indeed insane and that you really should do more like him.

I can’t remember if I posted about LAST CALL so I’ll just add a bit about it here. Umm, let me first start by saying WOW. The email, posts, all around reader response to this one has been amazing. I think it may be right up there with DOD stuff. This took me completely by surprise! Don’t get me wrong, I love Jovan and Maxim—I just thought more people would be yelling a me for having two heroes again. Maybe you’re all just getting used to me. Maybe you’ve all just given up hope that I’ll stick to one man. LOL, why am I thinking it’s the latter of the two? Hmm?

I’ve typed your ear off enough now so I’ll let you all go.

Take care and I promise to get back on here soon.

Mandy (who is SO NOT proofreading this post)

posted by mandymroth @ 8:20 AM  
  • At 9:57 AM, Blogger cessna said…

    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks about "image issues" were I to get into an accident. Sometimes I go without skivvies at all - imagine what the paramedics would think about that!

    But of course, it won't happen. Heh.

  • At 5:00 PM, Blogger mandymroth said…

    Now, you know they'd write some kewl stuff about you in the paper though.



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