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Friday, May 06, 2005
In search of an agent...

Well, it’s official. I’m now in the market for an agent. I fully expected to go it alone and to be honest it has worked out well for me so far. The only problem for me is time. I’ve run out of time to handle all the details, search for the best options, so on and so forth.

OT--Shock of all shocks, I found out that I could not only write Chick-Lit but seriously enjoy it. Who would have thought that creepy ol’ me would enjoy something like that? I’m a fashion whore (yeah, I said and I’ll say it again), have extensive knowledge of the culinary world (and yes, some chef’s reach rock star status LOL) and am basically a sarcastic pain in the ass. All in all I seem to be able to combine all of that and come out with something that I never dreamed I could write.

The chick-lit quest was also a great excuse to give my husband for me now receiving every women’s and men’s fashion magazine out there. Hey, I had to justify it somehow. I have cousins who dance on Broadway, are in fashion design, front men for bands, fitness instructors, the list goes on. They make great research tools and it keeps us in contact. Can’t beat that. I wonder if they walk around saying “I have an insane cousin who writes erotic fiction when the notion hits her. Oh, and most of the time she includes vampires and werewolves.” I bet they don’t. LOL

Back to the quest for the Holy Agent (kidding). I’m not sure which end is up in regards to finding one and am open to suggestions. Pretty soon I’m going to tape agents’ names to the wall and throw darts at random. It could work. Oh, I could hold their names to my forehead and see if I get a vibe off them. Hmm, that could be interesting. If they ask how I heard of them I could just say that they came to me in a vision. Don’t worry, I’ll take a stopwatch and clock how fast they run like hell from me.

Okay, I’m rambling and trying to figure this all out. I’ll shut up for now. No need to thank me. LOL


PS: Daughter of Darkness finally dropped from the #1 spot in dark fantasy at fictionwise after a 10 month spree. Yep. The Enchantress (DOD2) knocked it to number two. LOL. I was made at myself for that. LOL

Amazon’s daily bestselling list has been good to me as of late. I’ve have about 4-5 books bouncing around the top spots. I can’t complain. I’m too busy jumping up and down like an idiot. LOL

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  • At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Shannon said…

    I don't know much about them, but in the last RWR market update, BookEnds, LLC had Bella Andre, Dakota Cassidy, Jaycee Clark, Jodi Lynn Copeland, Sam Hunter, and others listed. ( They do erotic and chick-lit, so they might be worth looking into. :)

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