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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Sick ‘puter mommy?

Yesterday, my youngest son comes to me and asks to play the computer. At the time, I was doing scheduled maintenance on the machine I put him on and wasn’t about to let him on my work computers. I explained that I was checking the computer for viruses. His eyes glossed over and he stood there staring at me like…what are you talking about, lady? I then launch into how sometimes a computer can catch a cold too. Just like him.

He leaves well enough alone and runs off to play. So, this morning, I’m in the kitchen making breakfast for them and he asks me if I think what he did will help the computer feel better so he can play it. Of course I’m like…WHAT DID YOU DO?

I head down to find the computer covered in a thick blanket. Under the blanket is a box of tissues and a bottle of water. I turn to my youngest who is grinning from ear to ear. He proudly tells me he gave it what it would need to feel better and wanted to know if I wanted to give it the medicine that tastes like bubble gum.

Life at the Roth house is never dull.

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