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Monday, May 30, 2005
pop-ups, excerpts and new releases...

I just installed some neat software that lets me chat live with visitors to my site. Since it comes in the form of a pop up window from in2site and user name Shane Roth I think I’m scaring them all always. LOL. I swear it’s just me folks. Hey, why are you all still running? That’s not right.

I thought I’d do a quick update for everyone. Project Exorcism: Paranormal Payload should be done and back to my editor very shortly. I thought I’d give you all an UNEDITED (this sucker has seen anyone but me and it shows..LOL) excerpt from it.

Unedited Excerpt from Project Exorcism: Paranormal Payload.

Lorelei Janelle plopped behind the control panel in the central observation deck to see what vessel had sparked the warning probes alert system. She didn’t like the idea of intruders in their vicinity, but it only happened every now and then so she couldn’t complain. As much as she disliked worrying about off worlders, she did enjoy the company. Her nights had been filled by erotic dreams of a man too good to be true and her days were a rude awakening to the harshness of her world. Her nocturnal lover hadn’t come to her in two weeks and her fear that her mind had finally given up generating him was great.

“Unit One, this is Captain Vasil of the Alpha Brig Three requesting permission to enter atmosphere and dock. Emergency commission code 327 has been initiated,” a deep, familiar voice said in her earpiece.

Her inner thighs damped and for one brief moment, her breath caught in her throat. Who was this man that sounded so very much like her secret lover? How had he elicited that shocking response from her body with nothing more than his words? Fearing he was another Dsendiyun, she sighed. Lorelei was beginning to think the sex starved planet they came from encouraged them to ‘get lost’ as close to her people as possible. It wasn’t like they got any sort of sexual stimulation while they were here. Not unless they considered being chained together good fun.

Some men do.

Lorelei glanced up at the glass ceiling. Seeing no sign of a vessel near them, she doubled checked her radar to be sure she hadn’t imagined the entire thing. The Dsendiyun’s were easy to spot with their flashy crafts and telltale too strong pick up lines. They would certainly have announced themselves to her by now. Not to mention their ability to stay cloaked for long intervals within the planet’s atmosphere was almost non-existent. No. Who or whatever approached them couldn’t be the notorious romancers from Dsendiyum.

Disappoint shot through Lorelei, catching her by surprise. It had been a long time since she’d been touched by a man that her mind did not create. The two weeks that she’d gone without Sevan coming to her felt like an eternity. She missed the feel of strong arms wrapped around her, the feel of him buried deep within her and knowledge that even though she’d invented him, he loved her.

Irritated, Lorelei stared at the radar, watching the blip approach. “Damn, traders again. Probably want to try to steal artifacts from us or to try to sell us more household cleaning equipment. I will not have my people’s legacy sold to highest bidder, nor do I need the latest and greatest dirt remover. Do I look like a domestic goddess? No. I swear I will shoot them on sight if they attempt to take one thing.” She wagged her brows and smiled. “If they’ve come to take me to bed I’ll reconsider. Mmm, bloody hell I’m horny.”

Lorelei groaned as her nipples hardened. As much as she wanted to sneak away and ‘handle’ her current problem, she didn’t. Thinking about sex was the worst thing she could do. It only seemed to intensify her craving for it. And there truly were only so many times she could masturbate before her fingers pruned and her wrist hurt. Sadly enough, she’d hit that state long ago.

“Excuse me, Miss, but I am no trader, nor am I a thief. Not to sound shallow here but I tend not to agree to fuck someone until I’ve had a look at them. As shocking as it sounds, not all men stick their dick in whatever moves. Plus, as overly romantic as this sounds, I’m the last guy you want. I’m holding out for a dream, honey, and to date no women can stack up to her.” He cleared his throat and the sound wreaked havoc on Lorelei’s body.

She wanted desperately to come back with a witty comment but the tingling in her pussy fogged her mind enough that she didn’t know or care how to respond to his comments. All she knew is that his voice was divine.

“My ship’s run into a bit of snag and I need to work on it. If you’d be so kind as to tell your people to open the loading doors I will be out of your hair in no time flat. I’ll require some fuel along with the use of some of your tools. I can assure you that each one will be returned in pristine condition. Though, I have been wanting a new set of torch acceleration adjustors.”

Lorelei cursed herself for forgetting, yet again, that her voice transmitter was on. She had a bad habit of failing to remember to deactivate it after leaving the main tower. The teasing tone in his voice told her his comment was lighthearted, yet it was easy to tell she’d offended him. Why that mattered to her, she didn’t know. But it did.

“Need I remind you that I have just initiated a code 327?” The frustration was evident in the heavy sigh that followed his comment.

Not one to fall for a sexy voice or succumb to guilt, Lorelei readied her inborn defense mechanisms. “Need I remind you that we are not part of the Commission and we do not recognize their laws? If you’re seeking commission friendly territory you will not find it here. And for future reference you will not take that condescending tone with me again or you will sit there until your ship gives out. I am not one of your disciples, nor will I ever be. And, I’ll have you know that basing the choice of having intercourse with someone off appearances places you below a lechranki worm in my book.”

“Less than a blood sucking worm that eats its own vomit?”

Mmmhmm.” Lorelei grinned from ear to ear as though she were just a child again. Goading this man had to be the highlight of her month.

There was some mumbling and then she heard another male laughing. “Shut up, Jordan,” the sexy man said.

“Always good to know that you are an ass with everyone, not just people you are trying to sweet talk into allowing you to dock. And in case you should have the misfortune of needing repairs this deep into space again, might I suggest you pretend to be mute and allow someone to speak for you. Perhaps sending a holographic image would even work. Just be sure not to model after yourself or it too will find a rather cold reception.”

“Listen lady, you better check that…ouch! Hit me again and I will toss your ass out into space, brother or not.”

Veining glee, Lorelei clapped her hands together. “Oh goodie, mummy, they come in pairs. Do you think I could have a set of slime lechranki worms to go with the arrogant, ill-mannered boys that wish to dock here? Oh, please, mummy. I’ve been such a good little girl this year.”

Captain Vasil laughed and the seductive sound of it rolled over her, caressing her in places she never dreamed a voice could. Places she hoped he really would touch her. Shocked and a bit embarrassed by her sudden state of need, Lorelei lashed out at him. “Oh my, my, he has a sense of humor. Be still may bored out of its mind heart.”

He was quiet for a moment and Lorelei was almost sad that he had no comeback for her. Suddenly a bit panicked that she may have been too harsh, Lorelei took a deep breath and prepared to apologize to the stranger. That in itself should have tipped her off that something was a muck. Before she could get a word out, Sevan beat her to it.

“My apologies. My crew and I have had a rough go of it. We would like to clean up and get our ship fixed before heading onward.” Captain Vasil was sincere. Her powers picked up on that immediately. It was a bit disheartening that he’d decided to end their back and forth but understandable due to the series condition his ship was in. Still, giving into him could cost him his life.

© 2005 Mandy M. Roth

I’ve also got Cyber Sex 2 going strong and Immortal Ops 2: Critical Intelligence. For being such good sports about waiting for IO2, I’m posting an unedited excerpt from it as well.

UNEDITED EXCERPT from Immortal Ops 2: Critical Intelligence.

I-Ops Headquarters, classified location…

Geoffroi “Roi” Majors tossed his feet onto the conference table and leaned back in his chair. Captain Lukian Vlakhusha, his brother by way of shared lycan DNA, cast him a warning look. The Colonel was due in at any moment and he’d frown upon Roi’s behavior, not that Roi gave a shit.

As if on cue, the door to the debriefing room opened and Colonel Brooks made his way in, wearing his normal stoic game face. Sorry to call you all in on such short notice, but some important matters have come to our attention.”

“Did the tabloids claim to have proof of aliens? Ooo, do we get to lie about Roswell again? That was great pretending like we hadn’t seen a thing. Who wants to do it again? Raise your hand!” Wilson, the team’s wererat and resident smart-ass, asked from across the table.

If looks could kill, Wilson would be six feet under. For a moment, Roi thought that he might have to restrain Lukian so he wouldn’t tear Wilson’s head off. When no one was immediately maimed, Roi relaxed. Though, the idea of getting a few good punches in on Wilson did sound like fun, but that always sounded like a great idea.

The Colonel ignored Wilson’s comment and hit the light switch. Jon groaned and shielded his amber eyes, no doubt hung over again. He’d taken the loss of their fellow I-Ops teammate, Lance, the hardest. They’d been close friends and Roi wasn’t sure that Jon would be able to pull out of his funk. The only people he had to confide in were the other Immortal Ops (I-Ops), team members. It wasn’t like he could parade into any old shrink’s office, rambling on about losing his best friend of the past twenty-five years who never looked at day over twenty five and who also happened to be a werepanter. Yeah, a confession like that would leave Jon locked up in Bellevue in two point two seconds.

Too bad Wilson wasn’t prone to pouring out his heart. Seeing him in a straight jacket would be priceless.

Jon’s amber gaze fell upon Roi and he nodded. Roi tipped his head and then directed his attention on to the Colonel. “If you don’t mind me asking, Sir, why did you call us in here today? We’ve already debriefed you on the events surrounding Lance’s death, and Parker’s been eliminated. Please don’t tell me there’s another leftover insane team member on the prowl. I’m not sure my nerves can take that today.”

Wilson laughed, but Lukian growled. Roi just smiled and kept his feet on the table. Ticking off the Colonel was his favorite pastime. Well, that and sex, but since there weren’t any eligible hotties around, he’d have to just settle on harassing the Colonel.

I give and I give.

The overhead projector came on and an image of Benjamin Parker, an ex-I-Ops agent who’d gone awol, later killing one of their own, flashed up. Parker had lost it shortly after Lukian’s lycan DNA had been introduced to him. He’d managed to escape, and had long sense been assumed dead until he’d shown up a little over a week ago, trying to not only kill the I-Ops, but Lukian’s lifemate Peren as well.

Lukian sat up straight in his chair as the images of Parker flashed by. Colonel Brooks glanced up at the screen, not seeming to notice Lukian’s obvious discomfort with the situation. “Intel just sent these. Here you’ll see Parker in Munich with Gisbert Krauss.”

“Krauss?” Green asked from the other side of the table. Green was their resident scientist who with a handy werepanther gene. Sad thing was that Green actually looked tougher than he was. He was as tall as Roi with a head of deep red hair and a set of biceps that rivaled any other I-Op, but Green had never taken to the beast side of his shifter abilities. Rather, he submersed himself in books and research, vowing to make headway in the creation of more I-Ops teams. When Green had a question, they all listened. He was the smartest man they’d ever known and considering the rooms combined age, they’d been around long enough to know a whole lot of people.

“Yes, Krauss,” Colonel Brooks said, flipping to the next image. This one showing Parker standing again with the short, balding Gisbert Krauss. “How much do you know about him?”

Green shifted in his seat a bit and shrugged. “Just that he’s big in the field of genetic research. Big enough that I’ve seen his name in a number of related publications. Their claiming he’s on the verge of some sort of breakthrough. I saved all references to him. I can get them if you’d like.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Wilson asked. “They’re probably filed next to the pile of ‘things he does instead of date’ collection.”

“If you’re done,” Colonel Brooks said, staring at Wilson.

© 2005 Mandy M. Roth

That’s about it from me. Feel free to drop me a line whenever you want. I’m always here. I hope you liked the excerpts. :)

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