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Saturday, October 27, 2007
Behind the Story: Droid Wars

I’m working on Droid Wars 2: Magnetic Attraction and thought I’d take a moment to put up a new feature I’ll be doing on my blog—BEHIND THE STORY. This one will touch a little on what inspired me to write the Droid Wars series. Contrary to what some might think, Star Wars and Star Trek had nothing to do with what motivated me. I know people will throw things at me but I still haven’t seen the last or newest (depending on how you look at it) Star Wars movies and I’ve never seen a Star Trek movie. I also only ever watched the original series on TV. I will throw down with anyone who doesn’t think Captain Kirk was the shit. LOL

What inspired me was an article I was reading in a science magazine talking about the advances in modern medicine and where they believed it would be five years from now and even further into the future. It made me think that if modern medicine was already to the point it was, growing skin and organs, advances in bone regeneration, etc, what would be capable of doing a thousand years from now. It made me think of a time when people thought the world was flat to what we now know to be the truth and to expand upon that, using my imagination to take medicine and technology on a path I could truly see it going. It also made me think of what extremes mankind might be forced to take to save their dying race from extinction at the hands of another, more advanced race. All of this started me on the path to writing the Droid Wars Series.

In the opening of chapter one of, Performance Criteria (Book I), you meet Dr. Aeron Braxton as she’s fastening the cranium chassis closed of the soon to be hero of the book and pulling the tawny flap of skin that had been grown in fibrin gel down over the cranium chassis. The hero has been a labor of love on her part because he’d been mortally wounded trying to save her life. I touch upon the process in which she’d rebuilt him from the “ground up” so to speak. A lot of factual information mixed with my imagination of where I could envision science and medicine being at that point came into play. I had to ask myself questions like, did I really believe that because brain activity would cease in him for a period of time, did that mean he would be unable to be revived? The answer I came back with was no. That already today there are ways to revive a person, granted the time you have to do so various on many factors and you don’t have anything close to the time frame I gave Aeron to work with but a thousand years ago they wouldn’t have believed what we can do today was possible. It’s all relative. Who knows what they’ll be able to do a thousand years from now. I know I love trying to guess.

Take a peek at how far robots/android technology has come already. This fembot is certainly heading in the lifelike direction. Wouldn’t you agree?

Mix advances in medicine with advances in android technology, along with a fertile imagination and you end up with the Story Behind the Story. Thanks for joining me in this glimpse behind what inspired me. Time for me to get back to work on Book II: Magnetic Attraction, coming Jan 08 to Samhain Publishing.

Have a Behind the Story moment you'd like to share with my readers? Email me at for more details.

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