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Monday, March 21, 2005
Carry on My Wayward Son--book progress

Anthem of the hour: Carry on My Wayward Son. Umm, you know you have issues when you’ve got that one set for repeat on your computer. J

LOL! I think everyone can let go of my hand for a little bit now. Don’t go too far though. I’ve got myself under control. At least for the moment. Quick, someone snap a picture!

NCP news:

Immoral Ops 2:

I’ve gone with the idea that the story is what it is. As much as I want to keep the books uniformed in length, Roi and Missy have a lot to tell so they’re going to be longer. (I’m working through my anal retentive issues slowly. I should see a doctor. He’d just run the other way.) My goal is to have it wrapped up by the end of the month and into my editor for her to have at it. Green and Melanie will be next up on the IO block. I’m still debating brining in a second team of IO’s. The first set is threatening to do me in. ROFLMAO! Death by hunky paranormal men. Umm, anyone else okay with that?

Daughter of Darkness (The Gwyneth Stevens Series):

The Waldens Books here informed me that the paperback of DOD1 is now out on the west coast. Until I see the white’s of it pages I’m holding my celebration part back a bit. LOL!

DOD2 (The Enchantress) I’ve not heard if NCP has any plans to print this one or not. I hope so but in the end its completely their decision. Hey, I’ll hand out their email to you all to let the angry spasm begin. *laughs and hides behind large tree to finish update*

DOD3 Bella Mia: It’s done, along with four more in the series but I’ve not had a chance to really dig through it for plot issues and so on. If I’m not careful monogamy might slip in their and that would be all she wrote. ROFLMAO!

Vampyre Productions (The Valkyrie Series): Hell, I haven’t even opened the folder for this. I’d lie and tell you I have but I’m pretty sure a few of you have been hiding in my bushes with pitchforks so you’ll get the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me, Bob. J

Peace Offerings Series: I made Sonya a promise to work on PO3, the final book in the series as soon as I wrap up IO2. I hate to say it but it’s hard to know that one of the series will be ending. *sniff, sniff* I’ve got a few things up my sleeve for this one and I think I’ll either be tossed in a dungeon when I’m done or tossed in basement. LOL

Last Call Series: See answer to Vampyre Productions (ROFL). Book two is started. I didn’t finish it when I had the chance because I thought for sure that people wouldn’t take to book I. Pfft, yeah, umm, I’ll not even try to guess how a book will do again.

Best Intentions (from Ghost Cats Anthology): Mason will have his moment in the sun. I promise. *running* (oh, and Ghost Cats comes out in Print in May 2005)

Gypsy Nights Series: William’s story is up next. The only hint I can give is that an unexpected visitor turns his life upside down.

Cyber Sex Series: I’ve got Jonas and Dirks stories almost done. I’m going to have to flip a coin to see which I’ll finish first. Any suggestions?

Misfit in Middle America: While this started as a single release it’s looking as though it may end up being a series. I fully blame Michelle for this. I think she’s paying people to email me and ask about it. Let’s get her!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh……next up is a new one I have coming out.

The King’s Choice: Will be coming out with NCP very soon. I’m not sure of its exact release date but I think it will be soon. (Anyone who wants to yell can get Andrea’s (my editor at NCP) addy from me. She’ll ‘love me to pieces’ for sending everyone after her. LOL! This is a mega-hot title. The sex is up their with Cyber Sex. It’s a blend of shifters, futuristic, dark paranormal/futuristic/alt world thingiemabobbie. Yeah, I’m a writer *says with finger up nose* I explain things so well. Pfft.

Project Exorcism One and Two should be out relatively soon as well. They’re futuristic/paranormals/carnal.

EC News:

Pleasure Cruise co-authored with Michelle M. Pillow (aka pain in my ass…errr… I mean, wind beneath my wings) was released this month from Ellora’s Cave. We are considering a second book for the series. So far the response to one has been great. (all ugly emails need to go to Briana…lol)

We’re in talks with EC about another co-authored project. I’ll pass more on when we get an official word on it.

I did find out that I’ll be part of the ELLORA'S CAVEMEN: LEGENDARY TAILS IV coming out towards the end of 2005! I’m very excited about that. I’m surrounded by so many fabulous authors in it that I’m sure they made a mistake on the cover. Boy will that artist be in trouble when they find out he put my name on it too. ROFL! My story in it is called The Secrets We Keep. It’s an erotic shifter/paranormal. I put the cover up on my website along with links to all the talented authors in it.

*ducks, hoping Bree doesn’t notice that I forgot to send in those proposals*

Virgin Publishing:

Sex on Holiday an erotic anthology with Virgin Publishing/Black Lace will be out in PRINT only June 2005.

It’s up on Amazon for preorder now. I think my family member were the first ones clicking that link. LOL!

I may have some more news to share with you concerning them. I’ll keep you posted on it all.


I also have a few other things going on behind the scenes that I’ll be sure to let you know about as they become final. I’m a firm believer in jinxing myself. I do it all the time. Example one: close to five years ago I was ‘getting busy’ with Shane and didn’t hop of the roller coaster ride in time. My response was ‘what are the odds.’ Yeah, I just put the four year old down for bed about an hour ago. ROFLMAO!

I’m happy to be back in the swing of things. I missed harassing…errr…I mean playing with you all on here. I’m back now. Consider yourselves warned. Mmmuuuwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Mandy (who is refusing to proof this post)

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Monday, March 14, 2005
It's Raining Men....

Hello 30. Goodbye body.
I’ve been thirty for ten days now and I’m thoroughly convinced that gravity is doing it’s best to get a head start on making me trip over my own breasts but hey, why the hell not? I’ve been having long talks with my ass in hopes that it won’t mistake the back of my leg as a resting spot. The last thing I want is for my legs primary function to become acting as ass stilts for me so cross your fingers. The irony of turning thirty is I am now in the ‘sexual prime’ of my life. Some sadistic bastard thinks that is funny out there. I so hope you and Dole have to start doing commercials together!
It’s sad when Low Rider continues to play in my head when I look in the mirror. Is that an omen? Should I call a surgeon now? I could be the six million dollar woman, stronger, faster and have that super cool chaa, chaa, chaa noise going on in the background while I’m on the treadmill. I could so kick big foot’s ass.
Seriously though, it hit me that I was not longer the girl I used to be when I set up compilation lists to play while writing. I ran across some old tapes a while back and had to laugh at the difference. I’d like to say it’s because I’m maturing not because my taste in music sucks.
My idea of sexy songs went from Boom Boom (let’s go back to my room) to Sexual Healing. I so bought Lionel Richie and Kool and the Gang the other day. I spent years making fun of my mother for listening to this stuff. Now, this gives me a wonderful idea. Since I spent so long on my Christmas wish list, I think I’ll do a ‘just turned 30 one’ now too.
Men who cannot handle the following need not apply for entrance into the male petting zoo I’m starting for horny women of the world to go. It truly would be the happiest place on earth. I’ve already decided to play It’s Raining Men non-stop there while I sit and do "research" for my next book.

To apply, you must meet the following requirements:
  1. Must be willing to dance to KC and the Sunshine Band with a straight face without looking as though you are seizing.
  2. Must firmly believe that Feel Like Making Love is one of the most beautiful songs you’ve heard.
  3. Must be able to keep pace with Salt-N-Peppa’s Push It. We don’t care if you have back issues or if you are no longer twenty. Keep up or get out of line.
  4. On slower days INXS’s Need You Tonight will be accepted in place of Push It but don’t expect slow days to happen too often.
  5. If we decide that we want a cowboy for the day, you must know the words to at least one one country song and you must look like Toby Keith or Tim McGraw in the hat. Conway Twitty look-a-likes will be turned away at the door.
  6. If you truly believe you’re the gangster of love, prove it and we’ll think about letting you love our peaches. Tree shakin' is still under consideration.
  7. You must be able to us take on a Magic Carpet Ride and we better enjoy the ride. We don’t want the lil’ carpet that could. We want the big carpet that did.
  8. Must find dancing to Pigeonhead’s Battle Flag as fun as we do. If you do, we’ll treat you to something special while that beat is still pumping.
  9. Must know when, if ever, it’s acceptable to play Prince’s Cream, When the Doves Cry or Kiss. We reserve the right to never explain the correct moments, if any.
  10. In the event you find yourself sleeping outside, you must hold a boom box (mp3 players with adequate speakers are permitted) above your head while playing Ain’t No Sunshine (when she’s gone) by Bill Withers or any Foreigner song. I think they must have been kicked out a lot. Every friggin' song they have could work.
  11. If you make us think of Bee Gee songs you MUST look as good as John used to look in those polyester pants as he shook his ass on the dance floor.
  12. If Mony Mony comes on and you aren’t standing behind us ready to grind in two point two seconds you will be fired.
  13. Must never mention we’re too old to want to hear Let’s Go All the Way when we’re going all the way.
  14. When we ask you to list one Hall & Oats song that makes you think of us, you had better NOT list Maneater or Rich Girl. Pssst…I personally like One on One.
  15. Must fully understand that bringing When A Man Loves A Woman into the equation when in trouble will not win you points with us. It will win you a swift kick in the ass. Bring it in when we aren’t mad at you and you’ll have less of a chance at pissing us off to begin with.
  16. Ninch Inch Nails must be perfectly acceptable music to play while your parents are visiting.
  17. Must understand that we reserve the right to change these rules without notice and that all men let into the petting zoo to be displayed for women must look good in a loincloth and/or leather pants.
I’m so NOT proofing this. I hate edits. Give me this moment to screw up and not need 4 billon edits. LOL
(30, aging as we speak and screening applicants for Zoo registration, Looking into acceptable names now.)
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