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Saturday, June 03, 2006
Die spider, die!
So, I'm in the kitchen this morning, getting they boys breakfast and my youngest begins to freak out behind me. I turn, expecting to see a mass murderer or something. Instead, he's pointing at the floor. Next thought, 'great, I have ants.' Nope. I look and its a spider so small, an ant could have kicked its ass. No joke. My youngest continues to scream and then he stops, calmly looks up at me and says...shoot it.

Shoot it? Umm, okay, I could accept kill it, Mommy. But shoot it? Oh my.

Come to find out, my husband was out back with him last week and bees were everywhere. So, my husband goes in, gets spray and begins shooting the nest with it. Now, my youngest thinks you 'shoot' every bug. Of course, hearing it without knowing the first part, I assumed he'd joined the NRA or something.
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Friday, June 02, 2006
Blog Neglect
Okay, sorry for MIA. In my defense, I've been out there, going to signings, conferences, the works. I played the part of the hermit for two years and its catching up to me.

RT was wonderful! I met so many amazing people there!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dobby, in case you're reading this, I still forget the titles. LOL! The readers are met were so supportive. The authors were wonderful to get to talk with. The editors and agents I spoke with left me feeling as though I was on the edge of something big.

All and all, it was amazing and very productive! I won't give out too many details other than I was approached by an NY agent and editor because who knows if it will go anywhere.

My other signings were fantastic! I'm really excited about the Lori Foster get together next weekend! That should be a blast!

Okay, I promise to stop leaving this thing sit.


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