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Saturday, July 29, 2006
Smokin' the good shit...

So, I’m reading through the Daughter of Darkness books to get a feel for where I left off (notes just don’t do them justice) and I find myself laughing at portions of the book. This wasn’t ha-ha, I was smoking some good shit that day kind of laughing, it was genuine—think the scene is funny laughing.

I’ll toss this question out to writers, when reading one of your backlist books do you ever find yourself laughing, crying, cheering, and wanting to know what happens at the end? Uh, someone say yes so I don’t look crazy.

Readers, if you’re reading a book for the second, third or one hundredth time, do you find yourself doing the same thing, even though you know the ending?

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Thursday, July 27, 2006
I want my $2.00 ball

I’m here, attempting to write while sitting out back watching the boys swim. Let me correct that, watching the boys wrestle each other for a two dollar ball in the pool. Keep in mind, we have more than one ball. Still, they all seem to want the one. I’ve broken up two fights and threatened to sell a kid if they keep it up. *sigh* Yet there they are, still fighting over it. Is it wrong that I’m considering creeping out at midnight with and popping the ball? I bet it’s worse that I’m considering paying my youngest a dollar to beat the other two up with the ball. Yeah, you know you’ve reached your limit with it when you consider that route. LOL

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Sunday, July 23, 2006
Paperback N' Things signing...

I’m back from the signing in Michigan (Paperback N’ Things) and I have to say, Diane Hunter, Ann Jacobs and Rhyannon Byrd were a riot to sign with. Melissa Bliss always puts on a wonderful signings, bringing in a cake and cookies that are yummy yummy! The ladies (and gentlemen) who come to support the signings are an amazing group of people. They truly are! Melissa’s friend Shelley even managed to make it up from Florida for the signing. Tawny Taylor was there as well.

The readers who came had me in stitches! They were GREAT! Candid and sincere. They were also extremely proud to call out when they loved a book and to let you know why. They also let you know what they wanted next. I promise to get working on more Loup Garou---wait, I should make Melissa swear to read it first. She thinks I should rewrite it in third person because she’s so-so on first. That’s my new excuse for not having book II done. It’s Melissa’s fault. *runs*

Several writers who are on the verge of joining the ranks of published (get those MS submitted, ladies) came as well. It was great to talk with them. Every day I have questions about the industry and the ins and outs so I know who overwhelming it can all seem.

I also had a chance to meet Anni Cats while up there. Anni is just as sweet and funny in person as she is online. (ohmygod, ohmygod)

Hmm, I think that’s about it. I had a blast and can’t wait to do it again. I’m also beginning to think signings are the only place I’ll get to talk to Rhyannon since neither one of us seem to be very good at keeping up on emails. LOL.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006
Secret Society Girl

Just about everyone I know is blogging about this book so I broke under the pressure and decided to order it from amazon. (Yeah, like the arm twist needed to be hard…lol. I’m a book junkie.)

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Sunday, July 16, 2006
Earwigs..demon bugs from can't kill them hell...

Yeah, earwigs. I’m fighting a losing battle. The middle of the week, last week, my husband begins a slow, yet steady, freak out because he found two of them on the center of the family room floor. I’m thinking its only two, stop being a drama king. Anyway, last night, I move my laptop downstairs to prepare to work while pretending to watch the Saturday night family movie. (Lecture me later…I’m telling a bug story now) I glance to my right and there, on the wall, staring at me with who the hell knows where its eyes are, pinchers, ugly, crusted body, is an earwig. It was a little too close to my head to dismiss. I proceed to go nuts. I kick everyone out of the room and begin gutting it. Pillows and cushions are yanked out. Sofas are flipped. The room is vacuumed top to bottom. The bag is tossed. The bug spray comes out. The room is covered. I get up this morning and go down to find an earwig on the center of the floor, walking like there is nothing wrong in his little world. I swear he was mocking me with his “neener-neener” face on.


Short of a nuclear holocaust…I’m at a loss as to what to do. I’ve sprinkled (okay, I forced my husband to do it) granules of some bug pesticide around the house and sprayed the inside. I give up. I’m about to take one, behead it and make a staked line of shrunken earwig heads as a warning to others. Somehow, I think it might be lost on them. And dammit…why is my blog a bug blog now?

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Friday, July 14, 2006
Web & Blog...

I’ve been playing with my blog and my website. I’m thinking by the year 2020, I’ll have figured the mess out. That or given up and handed off to someone else to do. The latter is looking pretty damn good at the moment. The website is about a third of the way done with its makeover so I’m hoping it looks okay. At this point I’m willing to let it be what it is regardless. (Can you tell it took me over an hour to get the new navigation bar to show up?)

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

I’m working on a book that is partially set in a realm that closely resembles the middle ages. That’s all well and good until I decide to lookup furnishings and then realize I’ve just spent four hours reading books on furniture from all periods of history because I got too into it all.

Oy—I REALLY need to set a timer or something.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Immortal Ops Personnel Files

(Radar Deception by Mandy M. Roth coming soon!)

Immortal Ops Personnel Files


Alpha Team

Name: Captain Lukian Vlakhusha

Age: Not listed. Sources say he is around a hundred and fifty years old.

Position: First-in-command, all of them just call him “Captain.” Answers only to Colonel Brooks.

Call Name: Alpha Dog One.

Hair: Shoulder-length, wavy black hair.

Eyes: Royal, unnaturally blue eyes and thick, dark black lashes.

Height: 6’ 3”

Distinguishing Characteristics: Tiny scar above right eyebrow-five o’clock shadow, lycanthrope (can shift into a wolf).

Additional Notes: Lukian can read human minds with ease. He is the son of the Lycan King (who has died) and his mother was human. Until he came along, the bloodline in his family was pure lycan. He is King now though he does not fulfill his duties. Lukian, as well as all of the other I-Ops, has been repeatedly offered higher ranks. He, like the others, refuse, not seeing the reasoning for it.

Relation to Any of the Other Team Members: Yes. Lukian’s DNA was used to create Roi. He is his brother by way of genetic alteration now. They are also best friends.

Mission Report Devoted to Him: Immortal Ops: Book I--Captain Lukian Vlakhusha is having issues with his newest target, Peren Matthews. Something about her has left him staring at her picture and wondering what it would be like to touch her soft skin. When the time comes for the team to strike, Lukian senses danger and aborts the mission. He makes an attempt at meeting Peren and is set in his place by the independent young woman who knows what she is and isn’t looking for in a man. Lukian is having trouble telling Peren that he’s what she fears most: a werewolf. Can they make the passion that burns between them last, or will Lukian’s condition be too much for Peren?

~~* * * * *~~

Name: Major Geoffroi (Roi) Majors

Age: Not listed. Sources say he is over fifty.

Position: Second in command.

Call Name: Alpha Dog Two

Hair: Shoulder-length, black hair

Eyes: Royal, unnaturally blue eyes

Height: 6’ 4”

Distinguishing characteristics: Stubble-covered jaw line; lycanthrope (can shift into a wolf); was genetically altered

Additional Notes: Bad attitude; convinced he is a ladies man. Does not deal well with authority and has been known to tell Colonel Brooks to go fuck himself.

Relation to Any of the Other Team Members: Yes. Lukian’s DNA was used to create him. He is his brother by way of genetic alteration now. They are also best friends.

Mission Report Devoted to Him: Immortal Ops: Book II--Critical Intelligence--Missy Carter leads a boring, overworked life as a system analyst for the State Department or rather, that's what she lets everyone believe. In reality, her life is anything but boring. As an agent with Paranormal Security and Intelligence (PSI), she's seen and done it all. Intelligence is her specialty, assassination is her hobby. The only problem is that the things she spies on don't die easily. She's learned to handle anything life can throw at her. That is until the biggest paramilitary pain in her ass shows up… again. Lucky for him, he's sexy.

Roi Majors, second-in-command of the I-Ops, is having a hard time believing that Intel can only get half the information needed to bring down an underground ring of vampires who are hell bent on creating a race of supernaturals with multiple strands of DNA. As the team looks for answers, Roi searches for sexual release. When he's paired with the one woman in the world who seems immune to his self-proclaimed charms, he can't wait to see her to safety and bid her good riddance. He never counted on falling in love with her. And he sure as hell never counted on her claiming to be an agent with a branch of the government no human should know about.

~~* * * * *~~

Name: Eadan Daly

Age: 30 years old.

Position: PSI- Paranormal Security and Intelligence- Shadow Operative, answers to Director of PSI-- General Jack Newman; filling in at I-Ops until a suitable replacement can be found, currently pulling dual duty.

Call Name: Alpha Dog Three.

Hair: Long silky blond hair.

Eyes: Blue-gray eyes.

Height: 6’ 5”

Distinguishing Characteristics: Baby face, tall, toned, Fae with magikal abilities.

Additional Notes: He was Melissa “Missy” Carter’s handler for nine years. He was also married to her. They lost a child. His sister is Melanie Daly. Has an affinity for 80’s music; served with PSI for over ten years now.

Relation to Any of the Other Team Members: No.

Mission Report Devoted To Him: Classified.

Bravo Team

Name: Doctor Thaddeus Chandler Green

Age: Not listed. Sources say he is at least one hundred.

Position: Bravo Team Leader.

Call Name: Bravo Dog One.

Hair: Close-cut red hair, so dark it borders on brown.

Eyes: Emerald

Height: 6’ 4”

Distinguishing Characteristics: Muscle bound, were-panther, survived an attack in lab while working as a scientist. Was not genetically altered but rather infected by an escaping were-panther.

Additional Notes: Genius, handles all of the I-Ops medical and the majority of their technical needs. Also heavily involved in genetic research. His wife died fifty years ago while trying to give birth to their son, who also died. It was then the I-Ops learned they cannot reproduce with human women. Can “sense truths”-- similar to a vampire’s skills. For the most part, is a gentle giant.

Relation to Any of the Other Team Members: Yes. Green’s DNA was used to create Lance--his brother by way of genetic alteration.

Mission Report Devoted to Him: Immortal Ops: Book III--Radar Deception

~~* * * * *~~

Name: Jonathon “Jon” Reynell

Age: Not listed. Sources say he is at least fifty.

Position: Sniper--accurate within 4000 meters.

Call Name: Bravo Dog Two (but is often called “Bravo Tiger Two” as joke by other I-Ops).

Hair: Close-cut blond hair.

Eyes: Amber.

Height: 6’ 1”

Distinguishing Characteristics: Looks about twenty-five years old. Is a were-tiger. Excellent eyesight.

Additional Notes: Has a southern drawl, asks his ”momma’ for forgiveness as he snipes. Polite. Harbors something dark that he hasn’t shared with his team members. Prone to motion sickness.

Relation to Any of the Other Team Members: No. Had been genetically altered with the intent to make Wilson his brother by way of genetics but an accidental mix up occurred, preventing that.

Mission Report Devoted to Him: Classified.

~~* * * * *~~

Name: Wilson Rousseau

Age: Not listed. Sources say he is at least fifty.

Position: Rifleman and demolitions expert.

Call name: Bravo Dog Three (but is often called “Bravo Rat Three” as joke by other I-Ops).

Hair: Shaggy dark brown with slightest hint of gold, natural highlights in it.

Eyes: Chocolate brown.

Height: 6’ 2”

Distinguishing Characteristics: Were-rat, who is accidentally exposed to various strands of genetically-altered DNA, among other things.

Additional Notes: Team smartass. Doesn’t mind being butt of jokes to keep up moral. Has a heart of gold.

Relation to Any of the Other Team Members: No. Intended to be Jon’s brother by way of genetics but an accidental mix up occurred, preventing that.

Mission Report Devoted to Him: Classified.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It was another fun round of storms last night. Our power was out for a large chunk of the night. While that’s normally a great time to lose it, it sucks when you end up with three boys shooting out of bed when thunder rolls and the skies light up a bluish purple. Yeah, I think the winds did them in too. My youngest seemed to be laboring under the impression it was not only time to get up for the day but also that our satellite provider screwed—again. (In his defense, they do tend to do things ass backwards)

It’s nine in the morning here and those of you who know me know that I’ve normally been up for about three hours now. I JUST got up. It’s going to be one of those days. I can just feel it. Thankfully, there was no damage from the storm. After having had electrical surges damage major things, the instant the power went, we hauled ass downstairs and shut off all the “mains” for the house (except the laundry room with that handy dandy sub-pump thingy).


PS—Spider in laptop update: He’s still winning.

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Monday, July 03, 2006
War of the Worlds...

Okay, maybe not worlds but at least of my laptop. I’ve got this little, tinnie, weenie spider (need a microscope for this thing…really) who has decided to make my laptop keyboard home. Needless to say, I’m willing to fight back. The territory is mine, buddy!

So far, he’s winning more battles than me. He’s fast and right before I can get him, he runs under a key. Me being me, knows not to attempt to remove the keys from my laptop because I’ll never get the things back on right. So I wait. And I wait. And I wait. Then, I type anyways and figure…maybe I’ll get lucky and the little bastard will get smashed.


He resurfaces…taunting me.

The war is not over!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

At one point in my life, I had the ability to focus on one thing and only one thing. The older I get, the more I find myself making mental lists as I juggle knives and stand on one foot. Not really, but you get my point. I understand that this is par for the course with being a wife and mother, however, when does it stop? Does it ever? Do you ever get back to the point you can give something your full attention?

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Saturday, July 01, 2006
Playlists and how they line up with writing.
So, I'm writing this kick ass fight scene and I stop to think about what is playing in my headset. REO Speedwagon. CLEARLY, I can sound things out when I write with the best of them.

Next up....Air Supply, cuz Even the Nights Are Better when you have them playing. *coughs*

Okay, done dorking around. I'll get back to writing. :)
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