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Monday, May 01, 2006
Idiot's Guide to Tanning Bed Dont's...

With the Romantic Time’s convention fast approaching, I find myself scrambling to get ready. I’m altering dresses (no one tell my sister in law that I hacked up the bridesmaid dress she made me wear to be a Goth fairy), preparing gift basket giveaways and trying to do a few last minute pick me ups. Enter—the tanning bed mishap. Now I know this has little to do with writing and I’m sorry ahead of time for those of you who only wish to read about that aspect but I thought it was funny so I’m sharing with the group.

After much debate, I decided to get a tanning package. I show up and the guy who owns the place tells me the bulbs were just changed so I might want to go for ten minutes. I'm thinking, nah, I always tan nice I'll push for twenty. He gives me the raised eyebrow look but steps aside.

Clearly, he knows something I don't.

I tan for twenty and leave. Nothing out of the ordinary really happens. I come home, go about my day and then return this morning for another visit. I go twenty again. I now look like someone covered most of me with walnut stain. I also look like someone drew a line with it under my arms, leaving me with stark white pits and a mega white stripe along my backside.

I can't decide if I want to go back and try to fix those spots or get out while the getting is good.

Oh, here's a little tip from your friend Mandy--hand lotions with UV

protectors in them WILL make it look like you wore gloves in the bed.

Okay, I’m feeling better after sharing my experience. I think we all know it will show up in one of my books soon. The poor heroine.


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