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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Weally lil bird-ee
It's June Bug time here in Ohio. Always fun. Surrounding towns have been known to have to bring in heavy machinery to scoop them up off the roads. We're used to it. No biggie. My youngest son had one land on his arm and he said "weally lil bird-ee". It was oh so cute right up until it fluttered its tiny wings, he freaked, brought his chin down and smashed it. He didn't seem to like my answer that the June Bug was dead. He took it and put it back on his hand and continued to sing "weally lil bird-ee" over and over again.

I'm not sure if this is cute, sad, or just plain creepy. My creep-o-meter is a bit skewed compared to others so the jury is still out.



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Saturday, June 19, 2004
Emails from the edge...
I'm looking through my emails this morning and decide to sort them out. My thinking is that this will help me keep track of what I need to do. All in all it depressed me. So many emails and so little response on the part of me. I'm not entertaining the thought of a mass 'I suck' email. I'm hoping that all the ones I haven't even looked at in a month have forgotten about me. Why am I obsessing over this? I'm not sure. Could be that at one point in my life (prior to writing) I was extremely organized. I think, but I'm not sure, that my muse ran away with my organizational skills when she took my sex drive. LOL!

If anyone should she her please smack her and then grab my good points back. I miss them!

Oh, I set aside the Italian gods thing for a bit. It seems another project has started whispering in my ear. It involves a young woman, who just obtained her teaching degree. Needless to say she is beside herself when she offered the opportunity of lifetime to interview at Leviathan academy. She arrives thinking she's in the running for the new art teacher only to find that Jonas Leviathan, headmaster, has already given her a job. Allison will be heading up the wortcunning * practical sorcery departments for the school. She's shocked to say the least. Magik wasn't something she ever talked about. It was a part of her past that she keep hidden. Raised by her grandmother, a practicing witch, Allison thought her tales the talk of a crazy old women. She listened with half an ear when her grandmother tried to teach her the power that herbs and nature holds.

Now, a teacher in a school for supernatural children, Allison finds herself dropped into a world she did not existed and caught in a bitter love triangle.

Whew, that was mouthful! Yeah, this one seemed to be poking at me for a bit now. Michelle was the deciding factor on starting it. She told me to take some of my college experience/high school fun days and create a series with them.

This seemed to fit well so I ran with it.

I'm done rambling for the moment and that's good considering my youngest is now beating the tar out of the oldest.

Duty calls!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
memos for the 'couch' later in life...
I just finished up another story. Very happy to be done. I love the story but it was a slow train coming. My five year old deleted it once, and then I deleted the ending once. OY! Thankfully, I was able to put it back together again and am happier with the ending than I was the first times around.

I'm trying to decided what to dig into next. The Italian Gods one is calling me, but the anthology wildcat shifter that I'd been working on keeps answering the phone. I'll let them duke it out. May the strongest story win. LOL.

I'm thinking that my writers block may be over now. It was short lived, but felt like an eternity. I hate not getting things done!

I've been researching different languages for the books I'm working on and now know how to say "I can't get it up" in five languages. Always good to know. Now if I only had that kind of equipment it'd make more sense.

It's been raining most of the day here and my oldest two don't seem to care. They're drenched but having a blast playing outside so I'm leaving them be. My youngest is here watching a Ronald McDonald video. I never thought a five year old VHS tape that we bought at a drive-thru would make him so happy. Proves I know nothing!

Am I the only one who feels like they are parenting blind? I hope not. My poor children are going to need so much therapy when they're older. I remind them when I correct them now to write it all down so they don't forget it on the 'couch' later in life.

hmm, oh, I've spent most of the week updating my homepage. It's coming along nicely. It's a bit harder to do than I first thought it would be, but I'm happy with the results. Maybe someday I'll be an html guru but in the meantime I'll have to settle for my limited skills. That or hope for a sexy young buck who knows how to build websites to fall from the sky. If that happened, I'd hope for a storm. Might get more than one that way. :)

Okay, getting myself aroused writing a damn blog entry. Best to go now.


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Monday, June 07, 2004
I've been trying to work on Raven chapters all day. I was working on that story about the Italian gods, but had to set it aside. Lost my muse again. I think someone musenapped her... I can't be sure though. If insane muse is found lost and wandering the streets, please return to.... J/K

I got more email from folks wanting to know who Gwen picks and now what happens next to Valerie. Some are so passionate about who they want to win out in each book that I get all excited. Seems sort of surreal that anyone would care let alone email me about it. I'm loving them and find that they are helping get me through this blocked period. I can say that some new reviews for my work recently came out. I need a disclaimer that says that I'm NOT a normal romance book. I love tossing extra obstacles (in most cases more men) in my books and I've noticed that the reception to that isn't always warm. I have yet to write a HEA ending and am not sure I could. The problem stems from the fact that I sort of thought DOD and VALK did have happy endings. I'm obviously not right in the head so that's the last time I take my own advice! LOL!

I'm trying to pull together some authors to do an anthology called GHOST CATS about wildcat shapeshifters. I think it'll be fun. The response has been good so far. My story for it is pretty much done. I'll post more about it to my website when I get the chance.

Oh, I think that Immortal Ops will be coming out this week or next. I'm not really sure. It's completely different from DOD and Valk, so I hope everyone will like it. :)

I've rambled on long enough now... off to write more Raven chapters.


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Thursday, June 03, 2004
head not in the game today....
I'm not sure what my problem is today. I can't seem to keep my head in the game. Each time I sit down to write I find myself being easily distracted. I'm thinking that I may chalk this day up as a loss.

I did manage to work a bit more an a new paranormal. It's about a girl who travels to Tuscany for reasons that even she is unsure of and ends up catching the eyes of two very powerful men. One is the god Anteros. He is the god who punishes those who scorn the people that love them, and he's also brother to Eros (god of love). The second man is Cel (Puccello), god of death. His title was taken from him when he fell in love with a human a thousand years ago, and now he looks to be making the same mistake. It's a struggle for me because its in third person. First person flows for me, third makes me concentrate a bit more.

I should be going through DOD2 (The Enchantress) and checking for passive voice and plot holes. I got to page 50 and bailed. My head wasn't in it. Every time I look at a page I start to second guess myself. It was easy to write it before everyone read the first one. I should just turn the damn thing in and say the heck with it. I'm sure its fine, but I'll peek through anyway.

I've gotten some emails from people giving me suggestions for book III of The Valkyrie (two is a prequel and already done). I love reading their suggestions. Its especially fun to see how they think my mind works. The scary thing is that I just sit in front of the computer and whatever comes, comes. I rarely have a masterplan. Normally its just to finish the darn thing before I go insane from the voices in my head. LOL!

I'm signing off now...


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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Nap time...ha!
Well, I really did think I was going to get a good chunk of writing done today. Guess not! My youngest son has been down for about two hours and so far I've haven't gotten a darn thing done. I did manage to fix two scraped knees (middle son), clean up dog vomit...Yummy... hang up on two telemarketers, and put a hex on my garbage men who left my cans half full and in the street when they left.

Other than that... I haven't gotten much done. I really wanted to dig into the third story in The Valkyrie series. It's been calling to me all day and I keep swatting at it like an annoying fly.

I did get two more reviews for DOD today. One was 4.5 Roses and the other was 4 Dragons. Not bad at all! LOL, I'll take em'!

I'll try to stop back in later tonight and write some more.

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