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Saturday, July 30, 2005
Pilgrimage to EC...

We did it! We went on our pilgrimage to EC and had a blast. (Hey, why are they boarding the windows and doors up now?) We arrived early and spent the day harassing…errr…visiting with the EC staff. Donna was the first person we met. She looked nervous at first but by the end, she looked down right terrified of us. We aren’t sure why. We’re really calm, sweet, innocent, girls. Really. Stop laughing! She led us to our next victim…err…EC diva, Raelene. She has the biggest rack…of books!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J Michelle tried to slip them down her shirt but they fell straight through. Mandy would have done it but she thought shirts were optional.

We got to meet the new guy Nick. Who no doubt turned his resignation in the moment we walked out of the door. The poor guy. He was there a few weeks and finds himself the filling in an M&M sandwich. Next up was Heather. We found her doing her best to drown us out with her headsets on. It didn’t work. Muuuwwhhhaaa! Allison was up for a hug. We aren’t sure how she took the kiss. Michelle’s convinced that Mandy tried to slip her the tongue. She said that about everyone so who knows?

Raelene even subjected the Jasmine Jade people to us. It was great. No one told them to the lock the door so they we left no choice but to deal with us. Louis was a hunky hunk. He’s a biter so we had to use caution. Alissa looked like she wanted to run but we grabbed her chair, tossed Michelle in front of the door and had at her. J We spotted EC Mardi Gras necklaces on the way in and were ready and willing to tie her to her chair. Thankfully, we heard checks being cut and were lured away. Accounting must have caught on that we were trouble…err…visiting because they looked like they were headed to lock the door but we stormed in. Let’s just say, we built a shrine at these two ladies feet. Enough said.

The book warehouse was next on our tour. It was like a book heaven on earth. Everywhere we looked we found sexy covers and books we’ve been dying to get our hands on. Michelle even rubbed her entire body over a row of them. Umm, sorry, Jaci Burton. The fact that they touched Michelle’s nipple might bring them down in value. Though, not many things have touched her nipple so you never know.

*sound of a fight…one moment please*

Uh-hem, taking over the typing here….

There will be no talk of Michelle’s nipples. That was a private moment between her and the books.

However, Mandy enjoyed frolicking with the dolphins….OUCH! What?

Sorry, that was her private moment. Let’s just say her breasts were involved.

I didn’t see all that happened, because I was too busy trying to get Luke out the back door…to hide books in the van. Unfortunately, he’s a loyal employee and merely laughed at us. Hmmm, we’ll say he was laughing at Mandy. Yeah, Mandy.

Mandy and Luke bonded over Alice in Chains. Michelle was a little scared. Anything with Mandy and chains is a terrifying thought.

Also in the place we now refer to as HEAVEN, aka book warehouse, Mandy choose to fondle Brenda…but her husband didn’t seem to mind. J

Jeania and Patti…uh hem…we’re still waiting for our picture. You didn’t honestly think we’d forget?? These two ladies are the best. They’re in charge of stuff … big important stuff … stuff we didn’t understand … big stuff. Yeah, just kiss up to them if you get the chance. J

Then there was Kendra… She was the poor girl who had to frisk us after we left the warehouse. Like we would really stuff books under our shirt. *stopping to look at pictures of us stuffing books under our shirt* You know, those security camera’s really aren’t that reliable. J

Speaking of cameras…anyone know what Nick was up to while were out to lunch? I know Mandy was busy trying to set me up with the cheese grater guy. Yeah, he was cute, but the conversation at the table was better. Especially when the manager came. We’ll just say that he went away a little red and perhaps aroused. Though, I can’t be sure on that since I was busy holding Mandy’s hands away from him. There was also an incident with Mandy and juggling forks, food in the crotch and biting. She wasn’t even drunk. Oy. Oh, Michelle may have been involved with the biting.

The new office building is underway. It’s too cool, even though it’s a WIP. Part of the tour included these workers, who were all sweaty and tan and had their shirts off and were laying Mand….err…concrete down on the ground, all bending over in faded blue jeans, that resembled EC loincloths. Didn’t Raelene tell us they were the new EC office assistants? Hmm, that could’ve just been my imagination. Anyway, they were tan, and half naked, and sweaty…OUCH! What do you mean get on with the story? This is the best part.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun. It was like going to Disneyland and a strip club all in one. Hmm, Disneystrip…nevermind. Mickey Mouse in a g-string…

What? Oh, digressing.

Let’s just say it was the COOLEST place ever. Where else do you get to run naked through stacks of books? *stopping to look at small cell* Oh, yeah, we weren’t supposed to do that either.

All in all, it was a great trip. We’d show you the secret handshakes to get it, but then we’d have to send the new EC assistants with their hot, sweaty, tan, worker bodies over to knock you off.

Mandy and Michelle

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Holy Gnomes...

My oldest son just came to me, wanting to tell me about a funny part of a movie he’d just watched. Anyway, he’s eleven, and he has this huge smiled pressed to his face as he peeks out from behind wire framed glasses. He begins by saying, “Mom, you know those one ladies who work for the church? The ones who wear those black things on their heads? I think they’re called gnomes or something.”

Umm, yeah. Waiting for my mother of the year award to show up in the mail. LOL. You know you’re doing a great job when your kid thinks nuns are lawn ornaments.

PS: I even went to a Catholic School for a brief period.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005
Did someone say threesome?

How many men? Decisions, decisions.

I’m sitting here working on a story and noticed that yet again, this one seems to be shaping up as a monogamous one. I have to wonder at what point did I take that bizarre turn. I mean, come one. Daughter of Darkness is anything but monogamous and scores of other books I have follow that idea.

When the hell did I become a one hero woman?

I frightened. Someone hold me. I even made an attempt to introduce another male lead only to go in and delete him. Yeah, I’ve snapped. I know I’m coming off major writers block but I’m wondering if I got the right muse back. This one doesn’t feel like the same gal.

Hmm, this may call for an intervention. Where are my supporters when I need them? This is a cry for help.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005
A matchbox 20 moment...

It’s 3 am. I must be crazy. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Yep, I’m sitting her typing away at my computer hoping that a sexy man in a loincloth shows up and forces me to keep my eyes open.

Let’s be honest. If a hot guy showed up in a pair of sweatpants I’d keep my eyes open.

I’ve got my headset on, listening to Italian music and finding myself suddenly wishing I lived over there. Damn, some of their male singers could win a wet panty contest in about four seconds. That’s a good thing people.

I was on a ‘stay away from Italian immortal hero’ kick. I believe this marks the end of that. Thank gawd. I want my caramel colored sex gods back. No offense to the rest of my non-Italian characters but a girl has got to have her fix.

This brings up a good question. Do any of you find yourselves drawn to books because of the characters nationality or race? If so, why? No saying because they’re hot. All men are hot. Well, wait. I take that back. There was this one guy at a 7-11 that had this massive beer gut. The kind that hangs below shirt level and somehow manages to swallow his body to about his kneecaps before showing off his stylish leather flip flops. He had some weird thing going on with ear wax forming on the outer edges of his ear. It was disturbing. He was disturbing. So, no, I guess I don’t find all men hot.

Anyone else hungry for cheap nachos and a slurpee?

Mandy (who, as usual refuses to proof her own post)

Ooo, almost forgot. Anyone know how to link to other blogs? I'm blog challenged.


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Saturday, July 09, 2005
It's a boy named Roi...

Coming off writers block and caffeine equals one neurotic, spastic author. Otherwise known as yours truly. That’s right, I did. I gave up caffeine. Of course I’m now window shopping for new addictions and waiting for politically correct emails to appear in my inbox about the entire statement. Please know that I’ll just delete them.

Hey, at least I’m honest.

My head is a whirlwind, so full of ideas and voices that want to be penned out but with no rhyme or reason. I feel a little like a bull in a china shop or a two-year old on a sugar high. Either way, I’m making little sense, feel the need to move non-stop and am pissed when someone tells to me stop. So far, I haven’t been lucky enough to impale anyone with my horns or pass out cold on the floor face first but one can always dream.

I have hit a streak of finishing up some big projects. Immortal Ops 2 is finally done and was just released. It felt like I gave birth to the thing. Seriously, I carried it for nine months, had nothing but aches and pains before squeezing the thing out of a mind that really didn’t want to open wide enough to make it easy. Thankfully, my muse had forceps. I got my three stitches and care instructions before I was sent on my way. I’m ready to take on the world now. My muse is praying I don’t get MS knocked up again and has offered me edits as a form of contraceptive. Surprisingly enough, it’s working. I’d preach abstinence but I think we all know I wouldn’t practice what I preached.

I am putting my hand on the big book of Mandy-isms and solemnly swearing to blog more. I never know if anyone is reading it until hate mail shows up two months into a dry spell threatening things that sound way too fund to miss out on.

*big evil grin*

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